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1700 Turner Ave NW Grand Rapids, MI 49504 | 616-363-3382 | FAX 616-363-2870

Drawing by

Noel Skiba

It was in 1882 that the W.P. Williams Company established itself and began to play a small, but important role as a supplier to manufacturers in what is known as the furniture capital of the world, Grand Rapids Michigan. The firm soon earned a reputation for reliability, promising and following through with the right products delivered at the right time and at the right price. The company's small, but highly organized and competent staff today services customers in a trading area, which reaches throughout Michigan and into Ohio, Indiana and Wisconsin. It has also widened the scope of its target market, carrying sizeable inventories of abrasives,fasteners, tapes, steel wool, hardware, adhesives, safety products and a variety of other top quality products used in metal and glass as well as woodworking industries. W.P. Williams Company earned a service award in 1988 for its remarkable 100-year association as an abrasive distributor. And for more than twelve decades, this successful firm has lived up to its initial principle:

Uncompromising Service to our Customers!

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