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1700 Turner Ave NW Grand Rapids, MI 49504 | 616-363-3382 | FAX 616-363-2870

For Wood, Metal & Glass

Portable and Widebelts PSA and Velcro Discs Sponges

Hand Pads Cartridge Rolls No Lap Sleeves File

Board Sheets Dry and Waterproof Sheets Waterproof

Loadings Delappe Disks Shop Rolls Flap Discs

Pump Sleeves Resin Fibre Discs Flap Wheels

Chop Saw Blades Cut Off Wheels Wood

Conditioning Wheels Buffing Wheels Grinding

Wheels Depressed Center Wheels Vitrified Wheels

Diamond Tools Steel Wool Wire Brushes

Mandrels Chevron Belts Back-up Pads

Belt Cleaning Sticks